Gather and Celebrate. PRACTICE for the Holidays.

Let Yoga Help You Balance and Manage your Holiday Stress

As we look ahead to gathering and celebrating with friends and family over the holidays, we know that the holidays can also challenge our best intentions to maintain a healthy balance. From eating too many yummy delights at holiday gatherings to overbooking the social calendar to managing raised expectations, the holiday season is one fine opportunity to strengthen our commitments to practicing balance and self-care. Of course, an on-going yoga practice help manage stress and build good health year-round. But even one class during the holidays can lower stress levels.

Just one yoga class lowers inflammation in the body, boosts the immune system and improves cognitive function helping to keep you healthy through the holiday season. Can’t handle one more “To Do” over the holidays? Combine your yoga with your holiday priorities! Join friends for a class or plan a private yoga holiday class to enjoy a healthy break together! Find a way to fit in some simple practice time either in the studio or at home.

At PRACTICE, there are some great holiday yoga options to help stretch your yoga wallet this holiday season. Every Tuesday morning, the studio is open for COMMUNITY YOGA AND MEDITATION from 7:15-8:30am. It’s “by-donation” $5 suggested. Or, enjoy holiday shopping at the First Annual YOGA YARD SALE on Saturday, November 30. Come learn to REST AND DIGEST on Monday, December 16 from 5:15-6:30pm, also just $5.

In addition, you might try sprinkling a bit of yogic principle into your holiday practice. Practice kindness (Ahimsa) and truthfulness (Satya) to remember healthy limits and respect them. Practicing contentment (Santosha) to help stay grounded in what’s really important.

Check out all of the Special Holiday Offerings at PRACTICE! Join us and enjoy your holidays in good health! Let yoga support you through your holidays by releasing stress, cultivating peace and tapping into your inner wellspring of joy for life.


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